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Julie Irvine

Julie has over 40 years experience owning and working with horses. The owner of a livery yard and a professional alternative and sympathetic horse trainer for nearly 20 years, specialising in problem horses.

Julie has also successfully worked with school groups, youth groups and support groups.  

Frank Irvine

You cant be married to a horse enthusiast for 25 years and not get involved!

Horses have played a huge part of our lives and although not a rider, Frank has always had an interest in helping with and understanding horses.  He was keen learn and train more to take his Volunteer role further and now Horses4Help is a husband and wife team

Lucy Hatchell
(distance consultant)

Lucy is a highly experienced consultant and facilitator in the field of personal and organisational development with over 25 years’ experience across the full spectrum of organisations including public, private and international organisations.  Lucy has a passion for horses and has been riding as long as she has been walking!

Equine Staff:

Murdo h4h.jpg
Rosie& Duggie.jpg
Master02 h4h.jpg
Duggie & Rosie
Lily & Lena

It is of the utmost importance that our work here is never to the detriment of the horses mental and physical well-being so to that effect we can bring in other resident horses if necessary.

Horses4Help CIC

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