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Groups We Work With

Therapeutic Horsemanship again benefits a wide range of groups.  These are just some examples of who we can help and work with:

Working with School Children - 8 Week Programme


In 2013 we were asked to help provide a one-off 2 hour session for High School children who had attended a “Boys to Talk Too” course (although this did include groups of girls too!). This was seen as a reward for good behaviour and attendance throughout the course.  In all, around 10 sessions were carried out and it quickly became apparent that the benefits of attending this session had wider reaching repercussions for the pupils involved.


The children attending reported, and exhibited, examples of increased confidence, overcoming fears, problem solving, better communication and team participation to name but a few.  The positive feedback from the schools was extremely encouraging.


Horses4Help has been created with an aim to help children who are not engaging in a classroom environment.  Pupils will attend one of our 8-week courses to learn core skills and study aspects of the current curriculum in an alternative setting. These courses will cover English, Maths, Geography, Art etc in a unique learning environment.  One course is designed for younger pupils who are not engaging or struggling in a classroom environment and the other is designed for similar pupils who are in their final year and young adults.  This course concludes with details of looking at future education, employment and/or volunteer opportunities. 

The course was originally designed for Secondary School aged children but following requests we now have a seperate course for Primary School aged children and can also tailor a course for young adults who have left school but are struggling with further education, work or life choices.


We understand there is a great demand for this unique learning opportunity and the benefits are recognised and measureable.


Horses4Help is working towards becoming an accredited centre which will provide the children attending a certificate.

Following the success of these courses we can also provide a 2-day course specifically for 16+ age young adults.

Carers (Children & Adults)

A carer is someone who, often without payment, provides care and support to a partner, disabled child, relative, friend or neighbour who could not manage without their help. Being a carer, whether an adult or a child, can bring huge pressures and personal sacrifices. Carers often feel isolated, overwhelmed and undervalued.  As a carer you it is important to have "down time" to enable you to keep up your strength both physically and mentally.  Working with our horses in a relaxed setting can help recharge the batteries - horses provide a non-judgemental ear and are excellent de-stressers.



Early-OnSet Dementia



The impact of early-onset Dementia can be significant – people are often working and may have young families. Early-0nset (also known as Younger-onset) Alzheimer's affects people younger than age 65 and many are in their 40s and 50s. A lot of support for Dementia sufferers is aimed at older sufferers.  Here we can offer people under 65 the chance to carry out a range of activities at their own pace, in a safe and peaceful setting from helping with the horses and other animals, walking around our nature trail or even doing a bit of gardening.

Mindfulness Sessions


Mindfulness is carrying out simple yet powerful practices that you can incorporate into your daily life. In recent years, meditation and Mindfulness has been the subject of controlled clinical research and the findings suggest it may have beneficial effects, including stress reduction, relaxation, and improvements to quality of life, but that it does not help prevent or cure disease.  Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), which is recommended by the UK's National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, is reported to be as effective as drugs for preventing depression.


The practice of Mindfulness involves being aware moment-to-moment, of one’s subjective conscious experience.  Clinical studies have documented the physical and mental health benefits of mindfulness in general.  Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) models have been widely adapted in schools, prisons, hospitals, veterans; centres, and other environments.


As horses live "in the moment" they are excellent to work with and we have created Equine Based Mindfullness 1:1 sessions and day workshops.

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